Everything Was Blurred EP

by Low Duo

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This is a concept album by Low Duo detailing a crumbling relationship as the protagonist realises that his girlfriend is having an affair.


released 14 April 2014
Written by Adam and Leigh Greenwood
Produced by Matthew Doxey and Low Duo at Tesla Studios, Sheffield
Released by People Are Strange Records

Reviews (so far):
"[Keys inside the door'] keeps up a consistently brilliant track record"
BBC Radio Sheffield Introducing

"[Who?] Short and sweet, it's great"
Gill Mills, Amazing Radio, New Music Matters

"[Weather Send Me Home] it's an excellent track"

"Single Of The Week - Weather Send Me Home - Low Duo
This wonderful release from Sheffield pair Low Duo combines low droning guitars with an almost subtly aggressive spoken word vocal, resulting in a sound that compels the listener to pay attention to every word, every note and every second of this track. The mood of this track truly captures the mood of the subject matter, a man obsessed with finding out if his lover is having an affair. Gritty, angry and brilliant."
The First 45 Tumblr

"Session's sounding great!"
Forge Radio 'The Selector'

"Oh Yes! Most Pleasant"
Simon Edwards, 6 Towns Radio

"EP of the Week"
XYO Blog

"Adam uses his electric and acoustic guitars in interesting and inventive ways to elicit the necessary mood and emotion. Leigh then uses his impressive vocal range to tell his tales [Everything Was Blurred] sees them exploring uncharted territory."
Pete Martin, Now Then Magazine



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Low Duo Sheffield, UK

Two brothers from Sheffield UK who write ambitious alternative pop music with just one guitar & one voice.

Since forming in 2010 they've been Guardian 'new band of the day', recorded a live session for Tom Robinson on BBC 6Music & had support from the likes of Steve Lamacq, XFM, The Fly & Drowned in Sound, and now secured a sync deal with The Suicide Girls franchise.

Low Duo release EP 4 in 2014
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Track Name: Who?
We can only ignore what's been in front of us for so long.
And we can only close our eyes and turn the other way so many times. Have I fallen foul of trusting you too much?
Have I fallen foul of being too in love?

We all try to hide away from things that we don't want to believe are true.
Put them in a drawer like an old telephone never to be seen again.
But every telephone rings. And every action has a consequence.
I opened up the drawer and I answered it in fear.

Who? Whooooooo?
Track Name: If I Could Have Total Control
If I could have total control of everything you do
Maybe I would trust you
But like a pothole in a road
You're sending love askew
As drivers join the queue

It's like you wind down your window
And you turn off the music
No man could ever refuse it, don't offer
If I could have total control of everything you do

Would I feel secure, less unsure, set to soar?
Or would I feel the same, no aim, so plain?

If I could watch you in the bath
And watch you on the street, my sweet
Then maybe I'd believe

But if I wound down your window
And saw a look on your faces
Don't think I'd ever erase it from my mind
If I could have total control of everything you do

Would I feel secure, less unsure, set to soar?
Or would I feel the same, unmanned plane, in rough terrain?
I bet I'd feel the same
Track Name: Weather Send Me Home
Some day you'll realise that it doesn't matter to other people when things are happening to you and you're feeling scared.
They ask out of politeness.
They ask you to describe it.
They ask if there's anything you need, then they feed off you and hide it.
You can't deny it.

We are our own individual vessels with friends and relationships spinning out like a web from a spider's chest.
Each touch point making us feel a little more connected to something real and true.
I used to be connected to something, but that something was you.

Weather send me home
Weather send me

That day was one of the worst days that I've experienced.
Everyone had heard the news.
On the other side of the room a lady whispered to a man across the desk and pretty soon the whole office was abreast.
A birds egg dropped helplessly from its nest.

One lady plucked up the courage to ask me a question and soon all the vultures had circled in my direction.
They asked if there was anything I need, if there was anything they could do.
They asked me questions about him, they asked me questions about you. I said it was just a rumour. I said it wasn't true.

Weather send me home
Weather send me home

I jumped straight into a taxi dripping cold wet rain onto the leather seats in the back and shouted our road name in an out of breath voice.
The meter went up and up and up, my heart began to thud, I paid with words and blood, it didn't matter, I'd sort that out later.
Everything was blurred, but I was completely unconcerned.
I just knew I had to get home, I had to get home to you.
I had to get home, to find out if it was true. If it was true.
Track Name: Hollow Eyes
I came in like a lighthouse, dreaming of the sea
Written out in pencil, just some man's name
I take off your sunglasses, see your hollow eyes
Hollow looks so pretty in the middle of the night
I take off your sunglasses, see your hollow eyes
See your hollow eyes

I go to sleep without you, scratch at the back door
Turn the bedroom light on, you are stood there
I take off your sunglasses, see your hollow eyes
Hollow looks so pretty in the middle of the night
I take off your sunglasses, see your hollow eyes
See your hollow eyes

I'm on a boat, I cannot float with you
Unless it's you and just you
What's his name, the flame lit inside your eyes?
Hollow eyes, hollow eyes
Track Name: Moments Before the Fall
And now here we are, moments away from the fall.
Love built up over years unwinding at speed like a car left without a handbrake on a hill.
A rumour gathers pace quickly when no one moves to say it's not true.
You haven't said a word.
Track Name: Keys Inside the Door
Keys inside the door, my hand trying the handle
Piercing my thoughts, all my fears, all my fears
Why's he here? Why's he here?

The door flings open wide, I walk in slowly
His wallet's on the side, it's like you only
Wake to slowly break my heart

Racing up the stairs and I can hear you panting
Completely unaware that I'm home, that I'm home

I wait outside the door, trying to find the courage
The girl that I adore, as she moans, as he groans

And a bomb shreds my world as a tongue threads my girl
Same sounds from his touch
Well I guess that I didn't mean much

I burst into the room, shouting without fear
It all happened too soon, a mistake, a mistake

Try to close my eyes, it's like we're slow motion
Hurtling inside, it's too late, it's too late

What happened next, I've tried to fade out
And I reject any thought, any guilt
Who am I now? Without you I am nothing
Someone had to pay...